Invited Talk

HLPP2001: International Workshop on
High-level Parallel Programming and Applications

26-27 March 2001, Université d'Orléans, France

Château de la Source

Applications of BSP

Rob H. Bisseling
Mathematical Institute, Utrecht University

Today, parallel programming is easy and parallel computing is available for the masses. The bulk synchronous parallel (BSP) model allows a structured approach to designing parallel algorithms and the BSPlib communication library offers an easy entry into writing parallel programs.

In this talk, we examine the parallelisation of three applications:

Finally, we will give a survey of BSP applications by other groups.

About the speaker

Rob H. Bisseling is an associate professor in Computational Science at the Mathematics Department of Utrecht University, the Netherlands, since 1993. In Spring 2000, he was an EPSRC visiting fellow at Oxford University Computing Laboratory. Previously, he was a research mathematician at the Koninklijke/Shell-Laboratorium, Amsterdam (1987-1993). He is co-author of the BSPlib standard (1997) and is currently working on a book on scientific computation using BSP.

9.00, Tuesday 27 March
Château de la Source

All Welcome

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